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Dec 21, 2009 at 11:47 PM

VC application for Anonymous Users


Hi All,

I have created a VC application, which retrieves data from R/3. I did the user mapping to the "Guest" / "Anonymous User" and gave all required permission.

1) Gave full control to "Visual Composer" folder and PCD content.

2) Gave permissions for system

3) User mapping with the system user who have all required R/3 authorization.

Now the issue is, for Anonymous user ( in Internet portal) VC input form is visible when clicked on submit button, its throwing an error saying "A communication error has occured: Could not retrieve data".

Same application is working fine in Intranet (to all the internal users, even without R/3 login) using the same Usermapping.

VC applications wont work in Internet (for Anonymous users)????

Do we need to do any configuration?

Reference: Can a VC model be accessed anonymously?