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Dec 21, 2009 at 02:00 PM

ABAP Routine and formula in Transformation: TOUPPER + routine in one. How?


Good day

I am not an ABAP'er, but I am trying to successfully write an ABAP routine where I want to change the lowercases to UPPER and split the description field (100) into two fields, one with (6) and the second to +60(40).

Routine1 on the first description is as follows:


RESULT = SOURCE_FIELDS-meta_package_des(60).


Routine2 on the second description is as follows:


RESULT = SOURCE_FIELDS-meta_package_des+60(40).


If I do only the above, the routine has no syntax error and the data will be split successfully from (100) to (60) and (40).

Now...I want to change (translate) the descriptions to UPPER as well, as I am receiving it from the source in lower cases.

How do I incorporate theTOUPPER formula and routine into 1 routine.

Seems as if you cannot use a formulae and a routine on a field in transformations.

I have done the following routine on description field 1:

" DATA meta_package_des TYPE string.

TRANSLATE meta_package_des TO UPPER CASE.

RESULT = SOURCE_FIELDS-meta_package_des(60)."

There are no syntax errors but DTP will not be successful.

Please assist

Thanks in advance>