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Dec 21, 2009 at 08:09 AM

Adobe Form Formatting Problem


Hi ,

I am printing a Custom Adobe Form(ZPTRV_EXPENSE_FORM), which is a copy of standard form(PTRV_EXPENSE_FORM), through PR05. The problem here is in the subform for additional trip information, where the comments entered by the user are getting displayed, is not getting frmatted properly.

for example.

2.Had a joint meeting with Mr.ABC, Mr.PQR, Mr.XYZ.

is getting displayed as

2.Had a joint meeting with Mr.ABC, Mr.PQR, M r.XYZ.

I have not changed any property of the said text area.

I found a SDN post which says it has been done in the interface. In this case, I am using a standard interface which does not

have any code in code initialization or Form routine.

Could you please guide me through.