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Dec 18, 2009 at 10:13 AM

CKMDUVMAT - distribute to product for special stock O


Hi All,

CKMDUVMAT enables you to allocate the cycle count differences of the input materials (in production storage locations) back to production orders. These differences in prod SLoc are attributed as gain/loss due to production process thus they have to be absorbed as production variances, later on as ML actual cost. When we distribute to orders in CKMDUVMAT, system will automatically look for production orders that consumed the input materials which inventory differences were posted.

I assume CKMDUVMAT will work using the same logic for subcontracting POs. Cycle count differences of material provided to vendor (special stock O) should be distributed to the output products of subcontracting process.

I have maintained Sloc **** in Transaction SPRO, option 'Activate distribution of consumption differences' as mentioned in SAP Note 836127.

Plant - Stor.Loc - Spec.Stock - Distribution Active - Default Dist.Ind.

GSO2 - **** - O - X - 1

I have also maintained table TDUVN156 to include the goods issue subcont movement types:

FC - MvT - Active

DUV - 543 - X

DUV - 544 - X

The follow-on movement types have be maintained as well in table T156N.

When I distributed to product in CKMDUVMAT, it gave me "Distribution created" status. However when I checked the details, the "Produced material" field is blank and greyed out thus I could not manually enter/overwrite the distribution. Of course it was error when I tried to post this.

Does CKMDUVMAT work for subcontracting POs like the way it works for production orders?

If it does as implied in SAP notes, then what do I miss here?