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Nov 13, 2018 at 05:20 PM

Finished Good "Route" designation in "Item Overview" within Material Master data



Would someone be able to help me resolve the following issue with a route designation in my material master?

I have finished good products/part numbers in SAP (R21 Production) which we ship to an external overseas customer. Within the material master of each of these products, we have designated a "lead time" for shipment by adding a "route" designation within the "item overview" tab inside of the material master itself. (MM02 transaction).

Our issues is that the route in this example is 39 days of lead time and while we are in the current year, 2018, the route designation functions appropriately and moves our needed production date backwards in time by 39 days from the customer needed date. (This is what we want)

However, when the year changes to 2019, this "route" designation stops working and our production dates match the need date of the customer ship to location which will lead to use missing our customer requirement.

Does anyone have any information as to why this field in the material master, item overview, would stop working when the year changes?

I hope this description makes sense and thank you to anyone who may be able to help.