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Former Member
Dec 17, 2009 at 12:34 PM

Hireachy Load



I have created a flat file to load Hireachy. Initial run of infopack to PSA is successful and then I have been asked a button labeled as "Process Manually". After clickig on this button , it will move data from PSA to Infoobject tables.

Now I would like to understand concept behind "Attribur change run". I change Hirachy directly ay infoobject level which make entries in underline database table as "M" ( Modified ) buu here , when I am executing "Attrubur chage run" ..I am not able to see my infoobject. Is there anything I suppose to do to have my inobject be available in Attribute change run.

If I change some record in file and load it again. Would this regard as change ?.