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Dec 17, 2009 at 10:49 AM

First conso with Equity method and LDT


Hi Gurus,

I have to perform a first consolidation with legacy data transfer for a Company consolidated at Equity.

This company (Let's say company A), at the date of first conso in SEM-BCS, has accumulated some Retained Earnings. Company A is owned by company B.

Company A :

Capital : -100

RE : -20

Accumulated RE : -50

Companty B :

Historical Investment : 120

If I look to the SAP doc and perform the fisrt conso in the system, BCS will only adjust the investment with the GW entry I make in the AFD. That's it.

But I also need to have an adjustement of the investment with the accumulated RE (which is in fact the Equity method postings of the prior periods that were done out of BCS) !!

NB : Equity Holding adjustments are read from RFD.

How the system can perform this historical adjustment ? Why is the system not able to do the same as for Purchase with legacy data transfer ?

many thanks for your help