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Nov 11, 2018 at 10:05 AM

SAP Identity management- initial load ABAP job issues



I have connected SAP abap system as target system to IDM8.0 SP5.

After running abap connector package- initial load job, i have observed that Users and roles reflected in IDM UI but in SAP system, IDM has deactivated passwords for existing users.

I have gone through previous sdn posts and disabled passes relevant to MX_DISABLED, MX_PASSWORD_DISABLED etc in WriteABAPUsers pass (under initial load), CreateUser & ModifyUser (under plugin).

Now IDM is no more updating password in ABAP systems.

But when I want to create new Users from IDM to SAP , now it is giving error below error...Surely it has occurred as i have disabled entries for password handling.

putNextEntry failed storingTESTIDMSAP13
Exception from Add Must specify user password for TESTIDMSAP13

Please suggest, which entries should be exactly disabled so that password will not be touched and new user creation should work as usual.


createuser-pass.jpg (197.3 kB)
writeabapusers.jpg (260.2 kB)