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Nov 10, 2018 at 06:48 AM

SAP Crystal Reports Alerts in BI 4.1


Hi All,

I have created a crystal report and scheduled. Its working fine, sending a mail to user. User requires us to send the report only when there are transactions listed in the report. For that, i created an 'Alert'(Record count > 0) in the Crystal.

I have created an 'Event' in schedule and picked up the Crystal Alert under 'Crystal Events'. When i schedule the report, it goes to 'Pending' status. Is there any server configuration i need to set for the Events to work? I checked SAP forums but could not find the correct solution.

Alternatively, i tried , SAP BO 4.1 'Alert'. I subscribed an alert and choose the Crystal Alert. But in the Destination, Check box for the Mail is disabled. Have enabled alerts and emails in CMC -> Applications -> Alerting Application -> Right click -> Properties. I have also checked AJS in both Crystal and WebIntelligence Servers.

Please let me know, if i need to do any server settings for Events to process or how to enable the Email checkbox in BO4.1 ALert. For SAP BO4.1 Alert, i have followed the steps as in below link. In Figure.5 of this link, shows subscribe to 'My Alerts' or 'Email'. In my scenario, the 'Email' option is disabled. I need to enable this so that i can send a mail to the user.