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SAP Crystal Reports Alerts in BI 4.1

Hi All,

I have created a crystal report and scheduled. Its working fine, sending a mail to user. User requires us to send the report only when there are transactions listed in the report. For that, i created an 'Alert'(Record count > 0) in the Crystal.

I have created an 'Event' in schedule and picked up the Crystal Alert under 'Crystal Events'. When i schedule the report, it goes to 'Pending' status. Is there any server configuration i need to set for the Events to work? I checked SAP forums but could not find the correct solution.

Alternatively, i tried , SAP BO 4.1 'Alert'. I subscribed an alert and choose the Crystal Alert. But in the Destination, Check box for the Mail is disabled. Have enabled alerts and emails in CMC -> Applications -> Alerting Application -> Right click -> Properties. I have also checked AJS in both Crystal and WebIntelligence Servers.

Please let me know, if i need to do any server settings for Events to process or how to enable the Email checkbox in BO4.1 ALert. For SAP BO4.1 Alert, i have followed the steps as in below link. In Figure.5 of this link, shows subscribe to 'My Alerts' or 'Email'. In my scenario, the 'Email' option is disabled. I need to enable this so that i can send a mail to the user.



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    Nov 12, 2018 at 09:06 PM

    Events don't work the way you think they do.

    File events register the presence of a file in a specific location after it has been absent for a period of time. For example, if you want your scheduled reports to not run until an ETL job to load data has successfully completed, you have the job delete the file when it starts and then create it again when it finishes successfully.

    Schedule events register that a report has finished - they can register success, failure, or both depending on how you configure them.

    The alert functionality in the link you posted, is about letting someone know about a specific condition within the report. It does NOT control whether the schedule is sent by email or not. The classic way to prevent a report from being sent out when there is no data is to create a formula that will fail if there's no data. For example, create a formula that divides 1 by some numeric field that will always have data if the report has data. This can even be an ID number field - what's important is that it is null or 0 if there is no data. You create the formula something like this:

    NumberVar test := 1/{MyTable.NumberField};

    This formula won't display anything, so you can put it anywhere in your report. Because dividing by 0 or null will throw an error, the report will fail and not be sent out when there is no data.


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