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Material consumption through cost center in Movement type 601 (PGI)

Nov 23, 2016 at 03:25 PM


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Hi all

We activated Account based COPA recently and once it was done system instead of reading from GBB VAX , GBB VAY was read even when a material was sold.

GBB VAX is called when you do sales order --delivery and billing.

Where as the same cycle the system looks the G L accounts in GBB VAY only.

Before activation of account based COPA for material which was sent on free of charge used to read from GBB VAY since it was account assigned.

So account assigned was read from GBB VAY and normal sales were read from GBB VAX.

But account based COPA reads even for normal sales GBB VAY for regular sales itself due to activation of ACCOUNT based COPA activation.

My question: Now for the same material free of charges where from system reads the G L account, because G L accounts for COGS and Free of charges were different


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