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Nov 09, 2018 at 08:21 AM

Building a universe so the output is used as the distribution.



I have a report that run once a week for 150 schools in one database. And have been advised that it can be done better and been give the following details on how to do this.

- Create a copy of the report as is with the filters.
- Hide all non-essential parts of the report so that only the school name and email address are visible.
- schedule this report to output to a local file share (ideally on the BI server) daily ahead of the Publication runtime
- Build a Universe over the top of the file location (Excel output)
- As the Excel output will be overwritten each run-time, the Universe will then only display data for those schools that have triggered
- Create a WebI report using this Universe which can then be scheduled also, after the initial output has been created
- Use the WebI report as the distribution list for personalisation of the report publication/burst
- You should then have a publication that only sends to the schools that have been triggered.

Can anyone help with detail instruction on how to do this I have completed all the steps up to creating the universe.