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Dec 16, 2009 at 02:59 PM

Bufferoverflow loading table RSBKCMD



System: NW2004s

OS: Windows 2003 64bit

Instance: SAP BI 7.0

DB: Oracle: 10g

I am getting warning message in SM21: "Bufferoverflow loading table RSBKCMD"

More details

The free space in the table buffer is not sufficient to load the table.

The table should either not be buffered, or the table buffer area

should be increased in the profile (zcsa/table_buffer_area for the 100%

table buffer or rtbb/buffer_length for the partial table buffer).

I check profile zcsa/table_buffer_area its shows Active value 31744000 and default value 30000000

please tell me what sould I do now...

Your answer will be really appriciated

Thanks in Advanced