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Nov 11, 2018 at 06:39 AM

BEx Analyzer Multiple values into one variable



I'm designing an automated Excel report via BEx Analyzer queries and Excel vba macros, and I'm having a hard time when trying to assign multiple values to a single variable, it accepts multiple values through the variable panel but it won't take any value when passing values through a proccess variables button. Any other variable taking single values works fine.

I have tried with single 'VAR_VALUE_EXT_x' and concatenated values (xx;xx;xx;) , with one 'VAR_VALUE_EXT_x' for each value, also with 'VAR_VALUE_LOW / VAR_VALUE_HIGH', the 'MELT_VARIABLES' command and 'VAR_OPERATOR_x' tag, and some more I've found in the forum and no one worked for me.

Anyone has/had this problem, or knows how to solve it? Any help would be appreciated!

I'm in version BI Addon 7.X based on 7.40 SP 3 Rev 2065