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EH&S - WWI doc to pdf automatic generation

Hi there,

Does anybody have any documentation or description, on how to generate a MSDS on the WWI server automatically into pdf format, at least to store it automatically into pdf format?

thank you in advance.

kind regards,

Rob Greijmans

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5 Answers

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    Dec 16, 2009 at 05:03 AM


    Source document format for report shipping has to be defined in the IMG activity through EHS>Product safety>Report shipping>Specify communication.This needs to be assigned to business process in " Assignment table for communication".

    There are some more settings required based on the exact requirement and basic settings

    You can get all the customixations in SAP Help



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    Dec 16, 2009 at 07:47 AM

    hi Rob,

    To print the MSDS in PDF format on WWI server you need to do following activities:

    1) Installing a Local Printer on the Generation Server

    2)Installing the Application on the Generation Server

    For details plese visit topic : Setting Up Shipping of Reports in Any Format in SAP Help under Product safety.



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  • Dec 16, 2009 at 06:54 PM


    as an add on to what has been explained:

    normally you will use the pdf only in "final" printing (here normally in the context of eMail distribution) of the document as normally MSDS documents are stored in EH&S as rtf files (raw report). Make sure that your system set up is done properly (DMS.; report types etc.; topic how long you would like to store the final report either as rtf or as pdf file).

    Take care regarding the suitable set up of any !! generation server linked to your system. They should have always the same set up (same WinWord version, same WWI version, same local printer) etc. etc. etc.

    With best rerads


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    • Hello Rob

      Coming back to your last post:

      Thanks very much for info so far.

      Additional question is about the exact moment of pdf-generation. As stated above u2018normally you will use the pdf only in "final" printingu2019. However, we are looking for option(s) to generate the MSDS earlier in pdf format, i.e. immediatelly after report creation.

      Thanks for additional answers.

      Best wishes,


      I would like to give you some hints etc.

      In my opinion from the technial point of view you will manage in some sense to generate the Rtf file and the pdf file in one "technical step". Therefore one potential option could be that you handle the pdf file not in cg50/54 but only in report distribution process. Here you will find the parameter data which has been used to generated the MSDS (transaction cvd1). You must make sure that the final report is not deleted (normally most companies delete the final report after 14 days).

      But keep in mind that if the pdf files are stored (either in DMS or in an archive) that the number of documents which neeed to be handled will increase significant (depending on the number of sales orgs etc.)

      The raw report of a WWI report especially a MSDS contains in most cases only the MSDS chapter 2 to 16 (not talking about the new REACH regulation here!)

      Chapter one contains because of legal requirements in most cases this information:

      a.) Material name

      b.) Name of the supplier together with some address data etc.

      c.) Additionaly emergency hotline numbers

      d.) etc.

      The "problem" in using pdf is this:

      1.) it is a static document

      2.) and most chemical companies does have a complex set up in SAP especially in how they use the sales org (so called initiator in report distribution) => normally one sales org drives a different content of chapter one of MSDS. So if you have e.g. two sales orgs you would need to handle two pdf files (and that is not an easy task) but only one rtf file.

      This data (material name is MM; sales org is SD) is in most cases not part of EH&S and therefore not part of the raw report. Regarding your demand a number of options exists having pros and cons::

      a.) you could generate a pdf report in final printing and then store it as a imported pdf (inbound document) on the level of the specification; here again many cons could be listed.

      b.) you could prepare or use one of the other options from SAP. In the past there has been delivered a "Web interface" which is only a "view" to the cg54 transaction. The user can do a research and the final report is created on the fly (using the WWI on local front end) ((please take a look in Internet using this query: EH&S add on; EH&S web Interface or take a look on SAP/TechniData homepage)

      c.) you could generate a pdf file (together with some key fils) and prepare a "web portal" and pass on both files to the web portal in which you can search for the pdf files. This is nearly the same as option a.) but with less flexibiltiy (depending a little bit on your set up)

      I hope that give you an idea regarding options.


      Edited by: Christoph Bergemann on Mar 23, 2010 8:46 AM

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    Former Member
    Dec 17, 2009 at 06:40 PM

    Hi Rob,

    Try this, select the PDF option in IMG activity "Define document types" in the feild " Default application" and try to generate a test MSDS.



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    Former Member
    Dec 23, 2009 at 07:22 PM


    First if you want a PDF version, you need to install a Adobe distiller in WWI server which will convert and send the document as PDF, and additional configuration required to point the WWI server in SAP.



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