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Dec 14, 2009 at 11:04 PM

What is the best Practice JCO Connection Settings for DC Project


When multiple users are using the system data is missing from Web Dynpro Screens. This seems to be due to running out of connections to pull data.

I have a WebDynpro Project based on component development using DC's. I have one main DC which uses other DC's as Lookup Windows. All DC's have their Own Apps. Also inside the main DC screen, the data is populated from multiple function modules.

There are about 7 lookup DC Apps accessed by the user

I have created JCO destinations with following settigns

Max Pool Size 20

Max Number of Connections 200

Before I moved to DC project it was regular Web Dynpro Project with one Application and all lookup windows were inside the same Project. I never had the issue with the same settings.

Now may be becuase of DC usage and increase in applications I am running out of connections.

Has any one faced the problem. Can anyone suggest the best practice of how to size JCO connections.

It does not make any sense that just with 15-20 concurrent users I am seeing this issue.

All lookup components are destroyed after its use and is created manually as needed. What else can I do to manage connections

Any advise is greatly appreciated.