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Former Member
Dec 14, 2009 at 08:42 PM

PU12 Selection Missing Employees



We're using a PU12 interface to send PA/OM data to a Payroll Vendor. The problem I'm facing is that some employees are not returned from the standard selections. I checked the employee selection for both our custom interface and also the SAP standard Outsourcing interface formats, same result. I know for sure they are in the selection criteria, Payroll Area, Validity Date, with Changes but the export statistics show "No. of personnel numbers selected" count of zero.

If I hire new employees they are not returned in the selection.

If I run it wide open for the Payroll area, some employees are returned. This suggests it is data related and not configuration.

I checked:

- Payroll Area is configured ok

- Payroll Periods are setup ok

- Control Record is ok (I've changed it to each possible status and tried to run it).

- IT0415 looks ok

- IT0003 looks ok

What else could I be missing?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.