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Dec 14, 2009 at 02:55 PM

MDM(7.1.02) import manager is getting out of memory,after eating 3 GB of it


Hello everyone,

just migrate into MDM (7.1.02) and starting with initial loads

what my surprise, loads that went correctly with MDM 5.5, now fails with MDM 7.1 due to out of memory problem

the repository is the business content repository

loading trough the port manually using the standard iDoc CREMDM04

size of the file 11 MB (4.000 records)

27 fields mapped, 9 look up tables (detail at the end of the post)

lookup tables are preloaded, values mapped correctly

main table empty

match record made on [Remote key] [Key] [All]

it start easy, suddenly grown to 0.5 GB of physical memory and similar on virtual, few minutes later double the memory consumption, few minutes more and come to have 1.3 GB of physical memory and 1.5 GB of virtual memory, few minutes more and error

are we trying to load too much data in the system at once ?

should be the import manager capable of loading this ammount of data ?

what to do to be able to load the data then ?

thanks in advance,


resume from the import status :


Source Destination Values Mapped Added Overmapped

SNDPRN <IDOC.EDI_DC40>; _Source [DF] 1 of 1 0 0

COUNTRY <IDOC.E1LFA1M.E1ADRMAS.E1BPAD1VL>; Country 59 of 59 0 0

BRSCH <IDOC.E1LFA1M>; Industry 55 of 55 0 0

ZTERM <IDOC.E1LFA1M.E1LFB1M>; Paymentterms CC [DF] <_Payment terms CC; _Payment terms CC text> 22 of 22 0 0

BUKRS <IDOC.E1LFA1M.E1LFB1M>; CompanyCode 2 of 2 0 0

WERKS <IDOC.E1LFA1M>; _Plant 2 of 2 0 0

EKORG <IDOC.E1LFA1M.E1LFM1M>; PurchaseOrganization 2 of 2 0 0

LOEVM <IDOC.E1LFA1M>; Central Deletion Flag 2 of 2 0 0

ZTERM <IDOC.E1LFA1M.E1LFM1M>; Paymentterms Purch.Org. [DF] <_Payment terms Purch.Org.; _Payment terms Purch.Org. text> 21 of 21 0 0

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