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Former Member
Dec 14, 2009 at 10:33 AM

Strategy Maintenance Plan - Re-scheduling of Maintenance Cycle


Dear Experts,

I am facing a problem with a Strategy Maintenance Plan (IP42) cycle. The description of the cycle is as:

An Equipment has to be periodically inspected & its inspection reading has to be recorded.

Periodic Inspection is carried out after every 6 Months.

In case if the scheduled activity is not completed on the scheduled date or is early completed then the system should re-arrange the next scheduled date accordingly i.e. the very next 6 months duration from the activity completed date.

Have used PM05 as the order type so as to create an Inspection lot for every equipment.

I have maintained the below Scheduling parameters in the Strategy Maintenance Plan:

Shift Factor Late Compl. 100 %

Tolerance ➕ 0 %

Shift Factor Early Compl. 100 %

Tolerance ➖ 0 %

Cycle modification factor 1.00

Now the problem I am facing is even though if I complete the scheduled activity early or late the system is showing the completion date as same as the scheduled date. Hence the next cycle is also not getting shifted accordingly.

Request please advise what will be the problem. Is there a problem with any configuration settings???

Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.