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Nov 14, 2018 at 12:17 PM

SAP Migration Cockpit instead of LSMW for HR Master Data


Good Day

I would like to find out about some issues I have encountered on a project.

I am helping out with data migration but this is not my area of expertise.

So we have extracted HR Master data from an old legacy SAP system to be used on a new S/4 HANA system.

I tried using LSMW to do this but as we all know its not very trustworthy on S/4.

Some people recommended Migration Cockpit to be used but i never worked with this before.

Can somebody help me out with steps as to how I can create a project on Migration Cockpit specifically for something like HRP1000 or maybe Infotype 0006 if this is a possibility.

If not please provide me with any other ideas as to how we can import the HR Master Data without LSMW.

Thank You