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Nov 23, 2016 at 12:36 PM

Agentry WPF Client: LASTSCANVALUE and "filter by scanner" is not working


Hi Experts,

we are working with an Agentry WPF Client 70.13 and have implemented the OpenScan-Interface for a RFID-Scanner.
1. The scan field itself is working (the scanned value is shown - no keyboard emulation but "real" scanning), but the @LASTSCANVALUE is never filled.

2. Using the scanner as filter/selection in the tile list view isn't working at all, even the scan button is not displayed:

The TileList in the Agentry Editor:

Do you have any hints / tipps how to get around these issues?

1. LASTSCANVALUE is not filled

2. The filter on the TileList using the scanner is not working