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Nov 13, 2018 at 10:36 AM

SAP HRF: How to change "Join" conditions between tables in vocabulary in SAP HANA Rule Framework?


I follow this steps to create a new vocabulary for usage in Rule Framework:

1.Created a new vocabulary and add there two tables with link, but I don’t know anything about join conditions between these tables.

Vocabulary consists of tables CARD_LIST and TRS_LIST with following data:

I need to create "inner join" relation between these tables but I find just one condition of the link and it is "Cardinality".

Ok, I choose cardinality "1 to 1" for my purpose.

2. Then I create a new rule in WebUi with following conditions and outputs:

Transaction status is 'Blocked' If Card is in black list 'B' and 'Allowed' if Card is in white list 'W'.

Then I create a new Rule Service with following settings: Resulting object is table TRS_List with Key fields TRS_ID and CARD_ID

So after processing the rule I wouid like to see 10 fields that appropriate transaction assigned new TRS_status - 'BLOCKED' or 'Allowed' depends on 'B', 'W' value of the attribute BLACK_OR_WHITE_LIST of CARD_LIST table.

So In spite of link Cardinality '1 to 1' I don’t have any correct results: each TRS_ID correspond to each CARD_ID and each TRS_STATUS .

So I need to find any solution how to organize join conditions in vocabulary for correct rule execution?!

I will be very grateful if someone can help me!


11.png (141.9 kB)
12.png (154.8 kB)
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