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Dec 11, 2009 at 02:50 PM

problem in fetching date value into matrix column????


hi evry one,

i have a user form with a matrix and some columns(item(cold uid = V_3 and item uid = 1000002), name, date(data type is DATE))

i have a CFL for Item Column and when i select a value that is populating onto Item column and corresponding date should also be populated to Date Column

but i'm getting values to only item and name columns but i'm not getting Date value to my Date Column...

this is the code which i have written... there is no error as such

If pVal.ColUID = "V_3" And pVal.ItemUID = "1000002" Then
                                                                                Me.odbdatasource2.SetValue("U_invoice_num", pVal.Row - 1, oCFLEvent.SelectedObjects.GetValue(1, 0))
       Me.odbdatasource2.SetValue("U_amount", pVal.Row - 1, oCFLEvent.SelectedObjects.GetValue(23, 0))
       Me.odbdatasource2.SetValue("U_vendor_name", pVal.Row - 1, oCFLEvent.SelectedObjects.GetValue(12, 0))
       Me.odbdatasource2.SetValue("U_date_of_purchage", pVal.Row-1, oCFLEvent.SelectedObjects.GetValue(10, 0))

  End If

here when i debug the code...i'm able to see date is getting into oCFLEvent.SelectedObjects.GetValue(10, 0)

but it is not displaying on to my form....

is this because of my data type for Date column which i have assigned when creating table