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Dec 11, 2009 at 01:05 PM

Report Painter Error


Hello Gurus,

I have copied a standard planning layout and for the field, 'Planned Fixed Cost' and 'Planned Variable Cost', I have selected 'Plan Variable Costs in Object Currency' and 'Plan Fixed Costs in Object Currency' as the Key Figure.

I am doing this because our Controlling Area currency is USD and my user wants to load the planning data in INR.

However when I do the above settings and try to save, I am getting the following errors

Error 1: Please define a data column for element "Distribution key".Message no. K9170


You defined element Distribution key as a distribution key, an action field, and/or a unit field.

These attribute columns require direct reference to a data column. The SAP System therefore checks whether a data column with identical characteristics and characteristic values exists.

There is no such column in your planning layout.

Error 2: Define only one currency indicator as ready for inputMessage no. K8809


You defined two rows or columns identically except for the key figure. However, there is a connection between the two in that the first key figure is calculated on the basis of the second with the aid of currency translation. Therefore, both of these rows/colums cannot be ready for simultaneous entry. This also applies to attibutes (such as distribution keys) belonging to these key figures

I am not being able to make any head or tail about the issue, as I have not faced such error messages and I also have very few times ventured into report painter.

Request you to throw some light on the reason of the bove errors and their possible solution.