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Nov 13, 2018 at 03:16 AM

Really need CA(??) to sign the certificate for live connection to SAC(SAP Analytics Cloud)


Hello Guys,

Have been suffering a lot by this question. As we all know, we need to use a certificate when using live connection to SAC, e.g. BOE, HANA, but does the certificate have to be the one signed by 3rd party certificate authority or a self signed certificate is good enough?

I know for the usage with IOS, you have to find 3rd party CA to generate a certificate for you, but how about only using it with chrome, desktop scenario? We can import the self signed certificate to each user's machine. I am not sure if such approach is officially support by SAC? And I heard that the higher chrome has blocked the self signed the certificate. Any idea?

Looking forward to your inputs. Thanks.

Best regards,

Charlie Lin