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Dec 11, 2009 at 09:55 AM

Deletion of Generated Profiles



I need to delete all generated user profiles in my BW system and SAP Help states the following:

Deletion of Authorizations and Regeneration

For users for which data exists in the DataStore object that has to be regenerated, first the existing, generated authorizations are deleted. Afterwards, authorizations are generated using the data in the DataStore objects in the usual way.

If a data record with the user name 'D_E_L_E_T_E' is loaded into the DataStore object 0TCA_DS01, first the generated authorizations for all ⚠️ users in the BI system for the DataStore object record are deleted (separated by the first part of the name before the digits) and then generated for the rest of the data.

(1) I have made a copy of 0TCA_DS01 and populated the values as follows in the DSO

D_E_L_E_T_E entry for infoobject 0TCTUSERNM

0TCTOBJVERS to 'A' and 0TCTADTO to '99991231' (I did this as per message below)

(2) I have then gone into generation of profile and entered the DSO name into the Flat Authorizations section.

(3) All the generated profiles have not been deleted in the system

HELP anyone? Please note the DSO does not have any information on the usernames in it - would this cause a problem?