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Dec 11, 2009 at 09:35 AM

Sharing the Learning Road Map of SAP MM for New Bee's


The Road Map to new bee in SAP MM who has only Industry domain experience and who does not have SAP exposure:

  • Understanding MM without SAP

- The entire life cycle in MM

- General Business processes in Industries

- understanding the definition of terminologies in precise with clarity no matter you know it vague

- How it affects the other modules/business department

  • Understanding MM in SAP System*

- Learning where we start for MM and where we end and where we have bridge with other modules using SAP

- Executing small tasks repeatedly and mastering the screens with sense

  • Best practices in SAP > Baseline Package >*

- Practicing the above in SAP using the guidance of SAP Best Practice (Amazing resource : Hats to SAP Website QM)

Please feel free to append or correct the above content. I am very happy with response given by people in this forum.

thanks & regards

Riyaz, Bangalore India

New bee (SAP Consultant trainee)