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Dec 11, 2009 at 08:48 AM

Result Analysis


Hello Gurus

The RA is run and the data displayed are as below:

Planning data:

R(p): 599,882, C(p): 1,746,184.47, P(p): - 1,146,302.47

Actual Data:

R(a): 1,109,567.78, C(a): 1,746,184.47

Changes in the period:

C(period): 66,222.31

Result analysis data:

R(c): 599,882, C(c): 3,229,818.57, C(r): 1,483,634.1, L(r): 3,120.9, COS: 3,229,818.57

Here the user is saying that the system should directly transfer any cost in excess of plan cost to P & L. Instead it is shown as reserves (1,483,634.1).

Could anyone please tell me if the user is correct and what has gone wrong. Will settlement of costs will make any difference.

Thanks in advance for your answers.