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Dec 11, 2009 at 04:52 AM

Profit Centr Issue


hi all

we are working on project based scenarion, planning strtegy 21 (MTO with Project).

we have following cysle.

Master data creation.

Prject builder creation

sale order creation. linking wbs element with sale order.

MRP run on Project using tcode : MD51

Procurement cycle

SFG materials plann order conversion to production orders.

raw material issue against reservation number created by system w r t prodcuotn order.

sfg prodcution order confirmation & GR.

this is the normal cycle we are using.

we have number of profit centres & according to sales area we are linking thesse profit centres in Projects & as well as sale order. e. g. 100 to 1000 & also we have a dummy profit centre 9999

my observation :

when we issue raw materials against reservation. and when we saw the material document it shows linking of 9999 (dummy profit centr) but when we do the gr for SFG or FG materials it goes to respective profit centre which is link in projects.

i would like to know why system shows me different profit centres for issue / recieved transaction ? if all materials are link to projects only. is there any configuration done wrongly ? or what ever system shows me is it correct ?

please advise me.