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Dec 11, 2009 at 04:39 AM

Loan repayment Error


Dear All,

I have trasnferred one employee from one company code to another ( suppose A to B ) from 1.12.2009. Employee have loan in previous company which i have closed by using infotype 0045 option by using option complete repayment.

when i am simulating 1.12.09 in company 'B' system is giving following error. Please suggest where we have made mistake.

Employee 00070032 changes company code on 01.12.2009

Message no. HRPAY99LOAN022


Employee &1 changes company code on &4.

System Response

If the change still lies in the future, a message is displayed, otherwise the employee is rejected in payroll.


You must claim back the loan (&2, &3) before this date and, if necessary, pay out a new contract. This action is necessary, as, otherwise the correct account assignment cannot be guaranteed.

with regards