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Hardware Sizing

Could you please guide me in getting an approximate hardware sizing for an upgrade landscape?

Landscape has ERP 4.7, CRM 4.0, SCM 4.1, BW 3.5 and is being updated to ERP 6.0 EHP4, CRM 7.0, SCM 7.0 and BW 7.0 EHP1.

Performance values of the system are available. I guess quicksizer is for initial sizing and not upgrade sizing. In the case of upgrade sizing, is there a way this can be done in house?

For ERP there are notes released that suggest an approximate increase when going from one release to another. But there doesnt seem to be any such guideline for other solutions.

When performance statistics like DB size, average increase in DB size, response time etc are available, how to go about calculating the approximate sizing?

The upgrade guides direct us to check which have guidelines for the methods of sizing used for SAP. The question I am asking is about sizing the project when you already have the performance values. The sizing guides suggest methods to find the performance values but the exact way to compute the target requirements is unclear. I am concerned about CRM, SCM, SRM and BW here (ERP guides have the clear values).

Please help.


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3 Answers

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    Dec 13, 2009 at 02:06 AM


    Use quick sizer and select your respective upgrade app(SAP ERP, SRM..etc) . Perform a user based /throughput based sizing based on the data thats available . You should be able to get the Memory requirement and DB requirement for the application.

    From the upgrade perspective Memory / DB plays a very vital role.

    Once you have the results from quicksizer compare it with your source environment (R3 4.7.BW 3.5 etc ) and see whether you require improvement ( especially memory)

    For the DB space requirement , you can run prepare on the source system . As part of the Checks Phase it would clearly tell you what the space requirement would be. You would need to create and extend few tablespaces.

    "SAP preupgrade checks" service would also be very helpful in estimating the upgrade rediness in terms of memory/space.

    Kindly also check the PAM to see whether your current OS requires an upgrade as well.

    SAP pubishes benchmark results based on the SAPS values at this site , this may be of help too.

    Remember memory tuning is an ongoing process throughout the upgrade , sap provides recommendations which are available in SMP , that would be a good start too.

    All the best with your upgrade ,


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    Dec 15, 2009 at 03:52 PM

    Increase in DB size is always a little more difficult to analyse, just just to upgrade without any functional changes you are not looking a big increases. With prices of disk these days I'd estimate around 200GB per instance (but you may need quite a lot of additional temporary space.

    Are your current servers near full capacity?

    From a sizing point of view, try and find your current hardware in sap benchmark pages

    That will tell you the SAPs rating of the server you currently have.

    If you run at a peak average of say 60% just muliply the SAPs rating by 60% to get your actual SAPs usage.

    Then you need to look at how big an upgrade step you are doing. e.g. from 4.7 to ECC6 is quite a jump, a good initial guestimate (without addition functionality) is about 10% to 15% extra CPU per release step.

    Any additional functionality will require a sizing of that functionality in quick sizer and then added to the result above.

    Take your result and compare it to the hardware you are running. Will the resultant SAPs value be within 80% of the hardware capacity? if yes you may want to consider either upgrading or adding an additional App server (assuming the DB server is not a bottleneck)

    If you are doing a unicode migration then it is a different matter.

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    Dec 11, 2009 at 03:50 PM

    From my experience with few upgrades, I do following for hardware sizing for any system:

    - Create a system copy of Production to sandbox.

    - Run Upgrade preparation tool. This will help me to know the requirement of database space required for upgrade.

    - Make sure enough space I have kept for Upgrade directory and /tmp directory.

    - Make sure I have a separate file system with enough space to dump all CDs

    - Space to take a backup of Some of the directories like Kernel, Oracle Home, lsinventory etc.

    If I know that performance is issue with current system then I find out root cause of problem and add memory / CPU / application servers etc. as required.

    I hope this helps,

    - All the best,

    Digesh Joshi

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