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Nov 10, 2018 at 06:34 PM

How to implement a "Preview PDF" function in SAP Gateway?



We need to implement the following scenario with SAP Gateway:

Using a SAPUI5 application it shall be possible to submit a form, containing notification (PM) related data in the following format:

  • header data (structure)
  • item data (table data)

After submitting the form, an OData service shall use the form data, generate a PDF and return it to the client/UI.

What kind of implementation do you recommend on the SAP Gateway? My thoughts:

  • Normally a function like "Preview PDF" should be implemented as a function import in my understanding. But I believe function imports do not support media queries and also parameters can only be passed via URL parameters. Therefore function imports can't be the solution, right?
  • In order to sent table data (items) we normally need to implement $expand, but not sure if there Media queries are supported?

So actually I am not sure which implementation on SAP Gateway will do the trick. I appreciate any ideas.

Kind regards,