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Former Member
Dec 10, 2009 at 05:25 PM

Pseudo Deltas on multiple infopackages


Hi all,

I am using pseudo deltas on infopackages to take data from views on an external database (Siebel). I have code in the infopackages which selects only the past few days of data, based on a 'last updated date' in the Siebel views.

I am replicating this same code 3 times on 3 infopackages, which are selecting from 3 different views on the Siebel database, however, the code is only working properly in 1 infopackage and the others are failing - the job is cancelling instantly that the code is hit. The error is very vague "Unknown error when loading from database".

I wondered whether the problem could be to do with the fact that I am using a global code 3 times, but the fieldname is slightly different in each case. Should I be clearing the L_T_RANGE table as the first step, or making sure that all fieldnames for the 'last updated date' are the same?

I should also mention that the code does appear to work, since using the Routine Tester on the infopackage does bring back the desired dates. Therefore the problem is not with the code itself, and since I can bring back data by typing the from and to dates manually into the infopackage, it is not the case either that the source system is down or anything like that!

Any help very gratefully received,