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Dec 10, 2009 at 03:37 PM

Extracting new fields and displaying in Org Chart


Hi Nakisa experts,

I have the following queries regarding Nakisa:

1. I have successfully extracted the Location field from PA0032 and populated my staging database. I have also made sure that the Location column gets added to the EmpDetailsComined table. I would now like to display the Location field against a position or an employee in the Org Structure. However, when I go to the Details Designer, I get only a certain set of fields to chose from in the multiple Name Value section. How can I make sure that the Location field also becomes available here?

2. The location field extracted in previous step is the 3 digit location id. We have created a bespoke table, which contains both the location id and the location description. I have modified my downloadSchema.xml file to include the bespoke table as well. However, when I run the extractor, I get a FIELD_NOT_VALID error. Do we need Nakisa consultants to change the standard dlls to include our bespoke table or is there a way to extract data from bespoke Nakisa tables?