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Dec 10, 2009 at 01:57 PM

MRP - Unfix Fixed Schedule Lines with partial receipt


Dear Experts,

I am facing a problem that I haven't been able to solve using previous postings in the forum nor reading OSS notes.

I have a Factory PL01 that needs some raw materials that are bought and received in a distribution center DC01 located in another city.

Procurement data in material master MRP views:

In PL01, this Raw materials have external procurement with special procurement key "transfer from DC01"

In DC01 this Raw materials have external procurement witho no special procurement key (standar purchase order)

To make things easier we have an LU Scheduling Agreement and also maintained source list to generate automatic schedule lines after running MRP.

This is working ok.

My problem comes here:

When I create the delivery for schedule line (VL10G) the receipt becomes fixed in PL01. Lets say theorical quantity is 20.000 on schedule line but finally supplier can only deliver 18.000 to DC01 and DC01 can only transfer 18.000 to PL01.

in MD04, plant PL01 There will be a fixed pending quantity of 2.000 for the schedule line that will not be overwritten by MRP runs.

I would like to "Unfix" this fixed quantity but I can't. I read previous postings and many people say it's not possible and that quantity should be adjusted manually in schedule line to delete the fixed receipt.

Does anybody knows how to manage this? Can the remaining quantity of schedule line be unfixed? If not: Is there a more efficient way than adjust one-by-one the schedule lines ?

Please throw me a light about this.

Best Regards,

Sebastián Ligueros