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Dec 10, 2009 at 01:07 PM

enhanced backend integration version for Organizational management


Hello everybody,

We are thinking about enhacing backend integration for Organizational management because we have Sales office in ERP sales assigned to several sales organizations.

Reading the library information we understand that several offices can be assigned to the same organizational unit as well as the text sais:"enhances the Function tab page in the ppoma_crm transaction to include a grid table, in which you maintain multiple assignments of organizational units "


CRM Org Unit 50000--->Sales Office 1000

--->Sales Office 1001

What we need is to Know if Several CRMOrganizational Units can have the same Sales office or sales Gruoup.


CRM Org Unit 50000--->Sales Org 1000

CRM Org Unit 50001--->Sales Office 1000

CRM Org Unit 50010--->Sales Org 2000

CRM Org Unit 50011--->Sales Office 1000

Is this second example possible with the enhacement?

Thanks in advance

Marga Ribes