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Former Member
Dec 10, 2009 at 11:21 AM

invoice verification help


dear all,

when i am booking in MIRO- subsequent debit, i do it with reference to purchase orders.

when i click on "More allocation criteria" (because sometimes i have a lot of PO, not just one) it pop up a window called "reference to purchase orders" in which i can manualy write down Purchase document and Item, and i do it copy paste from excel.

problem is that i can do only 8 documents at the time (this pop up window has only 8 lines), and then i need to click on "down" arrow and again copy-paste next 8 documents.

i know in some parts of sap, there is a button where you can paste from clipboard, but not in MIRO.

is there any possibility to get this "paste" button, or maybe get more than 8 lines in this window.

thank you in advance!