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Dec 10, 2009 at 11:13 AM

Changes in process order against actual/standard bom



We are from Process Industry.

Suppose there is finished material A. Components of A (BOM) for qty - 1

Component qty.

X 1

Y 2

Z 3

One process order is created of A for qty 1.

Then I had deleted the component Z from the created po and change the qty Y from 2 to 3 or any one.

How can I track these changes against standard bom? Is there any report for same.

I would also like to know the deviation in process order against standard bom and issued qty against BOM.

I try Tcode COOISPI . Table STPO and RESB but not getting success.

Also try MCRX, MCRE but it show actual issed against process order qty. But I would like to see diff. bet. Actual BOM , Process order and actual qty.