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Dec 10, 2009 at 09:53 AM

Change date format in EP when introduce values with "/" as date separator


Hi experts,

We have ECC 6 EHP3 with Enterprise Portal 7 SP 18. We instal BP_ERP5ESS

1.31 SP 4.0, BP_ERP5COM 1.31 SP 4.0, BP_ERP5MSS 1.31 SP 4.0, SAP_ESS

603 SP 4.12 and SAPPCUI_GP 603 SP 4.1

We activate the Travel Management (FIN_TRAVEL_1) business function, so

we use WD ABAP for travel expenses.

The issue is when in the Portal, go to Travel and Expenses and create a

new travel request or a new expense report and introduce the values of

the date with "/" as separator. The system changes the date format, and

change the days for months and months for days, DD/MM/YYYY change to

MM/DD/YYYY. For example if we introduce 31/12/2009, the system change

to 12/31/2009 and gives an error.

If we introduce with "." as separator, 31.12.2009, it works fine, don´t change days for months, so it seems that is not a problem of language settings.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance,