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Dec 10, 2009 at 01:33 AM

SLD issues (QA & DEV)


Hi experts!

hope your PI environment is working smooth 😊

my situation is:

one common SLD for QA & Dev n one for the Prod... Now the common SLD is giving problems as SLDCHECK is failing from QA... SLD is on DEV!

SLDCHECK results are below... the very common one 😉

Properties of RFC destination SAPSLDAPI

RFC host:


program id: SAPSLDAPI_XQ2

gateway host:


gateway service: sapgw27

Testing the RFC connection to the SLD java client...

RFC ping was successful

SLD server access settings:

host name: devxi.XXXX.local

port number: 50100


Use transaction SLDAPICUST if you wish to maintain the SLD server access data

Launching the SLD GUI in a separate browser window...

=> Verify in the browser GUI that the SLD is in a healthy running state!


Retrieving data from the SLD server...

Function call returned exception code 4

=> Check whether the SLD is running!

Summary: Connection to SLD does not work

=> Check SLD function and configurations


the RFC connection entries for SAPSLDAPI and LCRSAPRFC are maintained undr tcp/ip connections.


plz help me with the following----

1) What entries are required for the SICF?

2) How to check if the SLD is RUNNING?

3) ofcourse, the import in the IR is failing... so I am gonna wait till SLDCHECK runs properly or shud i try creating new BS, TS n SWCs n re-try importing? (as done by others in few forums)

Thanks in advance!