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Dec 09, 2009 at 09:06 PM

User assignment to the actions in GP process


Hello Everybody,

I have developed one GP process for which structure is similar to given below:

Process 1

|_ Block 1

|_ Action 1 (create request)

_ On complete - go to Action 2

|_ Action 2 (approve request)

_ On complete - terminal

_ On reject, go to Action 1

In above scenario, processor for action 1 will be the owner or initiator of the process.

Processor of action 2 will be determined based on some of the data entered by user in action1. Action 1 has one output parameter appr1_out which provides the ID of the processor for action 2. This parameter is consolidated to input parameter (appr1_in) of Action 2 and name of the group is appr. Parameter (appr_in) is assigned to the action 2 as the processor of the action under Block -> Roles -> filled from context parameter.

Above, process works fine back and forth. But now, issue arise in below situation:

When request was submitted first time, approver ID was abc. So, action 2 has been assigned to abc.

Abc1 has rejected the request and it is gone to requestor (action1). Now, requestor will change some of the data on the screen. In result of that, approver for action 2 gets changed to xyz.

So, now action 2 should be assigned to xyz. But issue is, action 2 is being assigned to both abc and xyz this time. It should have been assigned to only xyz.

requirment is: second time action 2 should be assigned to only xyz and not both.

Can you please help me to resolve this issue?