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Dec 09, 2009 at 08:12 PM

Methods of monitoring the status of an upgrade


I'm looking for better methods of monitoring the status of a patch upgrade. I am familiar with the following:

1. In SPAM - Status, Log, and Action Log of the Queue. - These logs don't seem to give you an up to the minute look at what is going on with the upgrade.

2. /usr/sap/trans/tmp - I've been told that files in this directory should give you the latest status on the upgrade process but again, I can't seem to find anything current.

3. Obviously SM50 and ST06 - to see that WP's and CPU are being used.

I'm currently running an upgrade which appears to be hung. SM50 has an occasional Read to table: BTCCTL, the CPU is averaging about .8 in ST06, the action log's last entry was almost 24 hours ago and states, "Import phase "IMPORT_PROPER', and I do not see anything relevant in /usr/sap/trans. If it were not for the occasional read in SM50, I would kill the upgrade and try starting over.

My question: Is there a better, more effective way of determining what is currently going on with an upgrade and a way of finding out, for sure, if the upgrade has gotten hung up?

Thank you.