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Former Member
Dec 09, 2009 at 06:35 PM

process chain deletion


hi all,

1.when i delete the procee chain(entire process chain from menu) in dev and in the transport request ,what are the objects collected?

2.will all the process be collected like AND process, abap pgm etc? which will be used in the process chain?

When i deleted in chain, i could only see 3 objects START PROCEE, AN INFOPACK AND DSO., whereas the pc has


1. start process

2. deletion of psa

3. loading to dso(infopack)


5. loading from dso to cube


In the transport request , there was a prompt whether the START process dependant objects should be deleted and i cli cked yes?

3)What should i do or will all the process needs to be checked in the transport request?

4) what is the rt. procedure for deleting theprocess chain