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Dec 09, 2009 at 05:00 PM

Batch Reporting: Same report multiple instances with different arguments


Crystal Reports Enterprise - XI R2

OS: Linux

Hi All,

Here is my situation. I have several reports that are scheduled to run each week. Each one of these reports is run for every one of our clients. In order to prevent several reports querying our database at the same time and bottle necking our database each instance of a report must be run after the instance before it completes.

Currently, I am scheduling each of our reports manually in InfoView using Events so that each instance of a report is run for a different client one after another. This has worked fine except this is an extremely inefficient workflow. Each time we add another report I have to manually schedule X number of instances of the report for however many clients we have at the time. This workflow is also not scalable as we continue to add more and more clients. The problem is compounded even more if something happens to our servers or database and I have to manually re-run each report instance for the week.

I am looking for a solution to scalable reporting. I find it hard to believe Crystal Reports Enterprise doesnu2019t have a built in feature. Ideally, I am looking for a solution where I can schedule a single report ONCE and have it execute for each instance of a parameter stored either in a flat file or in a database table.

For example: I have simple CSV reports that are created by simple shell and PL/SQL scripts. The shell script executes the PL/SQL script which queries the database for a list of parameter values then loops through the same SQL query for each parameter record outputting each report instance.

Is there a way to do this with crystal reports? Can you execute reports from a Linux command line? Are there any third party crystal reports scheduling applications that work in Linux?

I have searched this topic on and off for several weeks and havenu2019t found anything useful. cViewBatch would be the perfect solution but it is designed for Windows OS. Any incite would be appreciated.