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Dec 09, 2009 at 02:49 PM

Value Mapping Replication - no method ValueMappingReplicationOutSynchronou


Hi There,

When i am trying to implement value mapping replication i a getting the below error.

"" Error processing inbound message. Exception: No such method ValueMappingReplicationOutSynchronous in proxy bean localejbs/""

I am using "ValueMappingReplicationOutSychronous" as my oubtbound and "ValueMappingReplicationOutSychronous" as my inbound interfaces.

We dont need to change anything other than server and port in the below URL to register right.?

http:// : /ProxyServer/register?ns=∫erface=ValueMappingReplicationSynchronous&bean=localejbs/

Please note that i have tried multiple combinations in the above URLCas it gave the error after replacing only server and port.

Let me what went wrong..

Please help me out..