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Dec 09, 2009 at 01:35 PM

How to erase the last user that logged on to BO ?



When you log on to Business Objects 6.5, the name of the last user that logged on is presented to you.

When logging in to BO, the userID of "ADBONDT" shows at the PC of user "DLECOIN". User DLECOIN is therefore convinced that user ADBONDT sneaks into the office at night and uses his PC to connect to Business Objects. Which is nonsense, user ADBONDT has her own computer, own office, own login... Of course, at some point in the past, ADBONDT may have used the PC and the logon name is probably stored in a file or setting somewhere...

So my question is how I can erase the "last logon" in Business Objects? Where are the logon names stored? In the Windows registry? In a file? In the repository?

This issue is NOT blocking, but the user (a highly placed manager) demands that it gets solved.

All help appreciated...