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Former Member
Dec 09, 2009 at 12:36 PM

macro - Lock/unlock total values



I´m having the following issue, coud somebody help me, please?

I locked in the units at the total level.

then I entered some values into another row, expecting for the other size classes to be adjusted.

Instead the total was increased and the another row was decreased, the difference went to an unseen size class.

u2022 This only happens when you are changing a cell that currently contains u20180u2019. If you do the same steps but change a cell that already contains a value, the Total value stays locked and the disaggregation works as expected.

u2022 When you remove the value from the cell that was previously u20180u2019, the lock comes back onto the Total row

u2022 This happens regardless of the number of levels you have drilled into. I have tried with just size class and locked Total level, changed a u20180u2019 value to something else and the lock goes away & the Total value is changed.

I could´nt paste the screenshot here to have the example more clear.