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Dec 09, 2009 at 10:48 AM



HI all

i have made a mcro to drill down @ 9ATRNAME characteristic followed by a row_visible macro.

the collective macro which executes drill down and hiding of key figures is working fine. the only problem is

the T lanes shown for a particular product location combination for a receipt KF (dist. receipt planned) shows

all the t lanes possible from or to the location. whereas we want only those lanes to be shown in the KF which

have to location as the loaction given in the product location combination.

For example: if i have a warehouse 1002 which is connected to 1001 plant for procurement and 1010 customer.

when the macro is run in the dist. receipt KF shows both the t lanes 1001-1002 and 1002-1010. But the requirement

is to only see 1001-1002 since it is a receipt KF.

Any pointers would be welcomed