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Dec 09, 2009 at 06:04 AM

Shipment stages and Leg


Hi all,

I want to be clear with the Shipment stages and Leg.I read the existing threads, but couldn't get the clear idea.

My question is there are four deliveries attached in the Shipments.After attaching the delivry, when I click the planning status I am seeing the system automatically determines the stage details.When I double click on that the departure point is Shipping point and the Destianation point is also Shipping point.When I click the second stage, I am seeing the dep poin as plant and the des point as customer... Bacially on basis System determines this .Where is the control? Can I manuualy change this?

When I see the leg in the right hand side, system has automatically detemined Preliminary leg, Main leg and the Subsequent leg.On what basis system determines the leg?

I would like to have some good examples with clear explanation.

Please assist