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Dec 09, 2009 at 01:11 AM

Merge IDocs: Context problem for 2nd IDoc



I have a req:

I have to merge 2 IDocs, material master and classification master. I have used multimaping 2:1. Target is a single soap message with only one statement (like: insert table matmaster values (material, maktx, lable1, lable2, lable3)...)

in SAP, there may not be all classifications maintained for each material. So, the Classification IDoc field E1AUSPM-ATWRT may not be passed to PI.

This segment E1AUSPM repeats in IDoc depends on classifications associated to material. max E1AUSPM segments are 100.

So, if the classifications are not present in SAP, PI is not receiving the Field ATWRT in segment E1AUSPM. (there are some other fields in the segment).

I am passing the MATNR, MAKTX, ATNAM, ATWRT and ATFLV to a UDF(type queue). The MATNR and MAKTX are from MATMAS. The fields ATNAM, ATWRT and ATFLV are from CLFMAS IDoc. These three Fields are from same segment E1AUSPM.

I am using Context in Segment level E1AUSPM. I used "Exists", "RemContxt", "MapWithDefault"... tried all the Node functions.

The problem is the contexts are not populating as per the IDoc data. I am getting inconsistent values in target message.

if I remove context, only first value I am getting to the UDF.

Can anybody suggest me how to feed blank values to the ATWRT context with regards of ATNAM? then I can reed in UDF.

Thanks for your time...