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Former Member
Dec 09, 2009 at 12:27 AM

Xcelsius SDK Packager


I am building my own components in Engage and am going through the examples provided by the SDK. At this point I am simply trying to use the Add-on Packager to generate an XLX from the provided SWF files for the different horizontal scroll bar examples.

I fill out all the required information in Packager under the Visual Component tab. I then select the Component SWF provided by the SDK for CustomPropSheetHorizontalSliderSource and the Property Sheet provided by the SDK for CustomPropSheetHorizontalSliderPropertySheet.

I build the componets and in Xcelsius I add the component. I get no errors and after I restart Xcelius I see the new component in the component categories menu on the left. I drag it onto the designer and nothing happens. I can use the included components just fine. Also, if I import the XLX provided by the SDK that works as well.

Why is this not working? Am I missing something? I am using the compiled SWF's provided by the SDK. I would think those should work in he Add-on Packager.